Urban Gaming: The Future of Planning?

We've all heard a lot about game-based learning, and many architecture and design organizations are creating games to engage stakeholders. On September 29, The Festival for Urban Play addressed this issue in the Netherlands. The following is a brief excerpt reported by staff at the Danish Architecture Center in the article, "Urban Gaming: The Future of Planning?"


Increasing interest, time, and resources are being spent on the concept of using games, both physical and digital, in planning departments around the world. UN-HABITAT have this month announced their continuing partnership with Mojang, the makers of Minecraft (a building block game with global sales of 33 million units) to create the game 'Block by Block.' By 2016, three hundred city areas will be applied to the game, allowing local citizens to simulate construction of their local area.  

Gaming has been a concept present in planning departments since the early 60's and 70's. Its use however was rarely adopted as a conventional step in planning practices due to constricted resource, data and complexity issues. Today however, modern technology allows games to be utilised in urban planning processes in three main ways.

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Posted by aao on October 18, 2013 - 2:41pm