Making Architecture Public

Canadian Centre for Architecture. View of south eleva, tion showing Alcan Scholars' Wing (1989, Peter Rose architecte) and Shaughnessy House (1874, W.T. Thomas, architecte) Photo: Canadian Centre for Architecture Collection, Montréal. © CCAMontréal
Architekturforum Zürich. The gallery's design was done in collaboration with Miller & Maranta. Photo: Ruedi Walti
Architekturforum Zürich. Archigrafie: Writing in the Construction and with Public Space exhibition, 2009. Photo: Theodor Stalder
Architekturzentrum Wien. Courtyard.
Chicago Architecture Foundation. Take Me To the River exhibition.

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Architecture exhibitions are valuable means of bringing buildings, the processes of designing and making them, and other aspects of architecture to the public. With a myriad of institutions, venues, and ways of exhibiting, it's hard to determine the best way to make something as complex as architecture understandable to a wider public. With the Association of Architecture Organizations 2013 conference taking place in Boston (26-28 September) and the Yale School of Architecture symposium Exhibiting Architecture: A Paradox following in New Haven (3-5 October), it seems like an apt time to look at how institutions exhibit architecture and what directions they are heading. This short survey asks some international institutions a handful of questions to get a sense of the present and future of creating exhibitions and making architecture public.

Responses come from representatives of Architekturforum Aedes (Berlin, Germany), Architekturforum Zürich (Zürich, Switzerland), Architekturgalerie München (Munich, Germany), Architekturzentrum Wien (Vienna, Austria), Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montreal, Canada), Chicago Architecture Foundation (Chicago, Illinois, USA), Danish Architecture Centre (Copenhagen, Denmark), LIGA, Space for Architecture (Mexico City, Mexico), MAK Center for Art and Architecture (Los Angeles, California, USA), NOTE (Lisbon, Portugal), and Pinkcomma (Boston, Massachusetts, USA).

Posted by Janelle.Simms on October 18, 2013 - 3:12pm