50 Designers, 50 Ideas, 50 Wards

Chicago Architecture Foundation
Exhibition Dates: 
May. 24, 2016 to Dec. 12, 2016

In celebration of CAF’s 50th anniversary, we asked 50 designers to create transformative proposals aimed at improving the quality of life for residents in each of Chicago’s 50 wards. Seeking inspiration and answers about how we might grow, enhance and improve present conditions, the designers studied all elements of our city—streets, bridges, buildings, waterways, vacant lots and everything in between.


The “50 Designers, 50 Ideas, 50 Wards” exhibition is on display now in the CAF Atrium Gallery at 224 S. Michigan Avenue. There, you can investigate all 50 forward-thinking projects for yourself and find out how Chicago’s designers are bringing the future to life. 

United States
Posted by Laura.Kozak on June 2, 2016 - 9:41am