Collections Specialist

National Building Museum

The Kress Collections Specialist will assist with the processing and preservation of artifacts in the Museum’s S. H. Kress & Co. Collection. Under the supervision of the Museum’s Registrar, the Collections Specialist will recatalogue the Kress architectural drawing collection to updated standards, process the Kress archival document collection and work with PastPerfect to launch the Museum’s new collections website, using the Kress collection as a pilot case. This position is a year and a half long contract, not a permanent position.

Specific Responsibilities and Functions

    Under the guidance of Registrar and Assistant Registrar, develop cataloging standards for the Kress Architectural Drawing Collection and re-catalog the collection in PastPerfect to meet the new standards
    Help the Collections Department survey Museum staff and researchers on their needs for the collection and search terms they are likely to use
    Scan all Kress architectural drawings as high-resolution files and attach files to the records in Past Perfect
    Inventory the Kress drawings and update labeling systems and records
    Catalog and rehouse the Kress collection’s archival documents. Help create standards and protocols for making the collection more widely accessible. Create a finding aid for the collection
    Assist the Registrar, Marketing and Communications Department, and PastPerfect in implementing a collections website for the Museum
    Work with Past Perfect to upload the Kress architectural records to the new collections website and troubleshoot problems during and after the upload

General Qualifications and Requirements


    Master’s degree in museum studies with a concentration in collections management
    Two years’ experience working in museums.
    Knowledge of museum collections management methods, including accessioning, cataloging, conservation and storage practices
    Knowledge of correct object handling techniques. Keen spatial awareness and ability to move within constricted spaces
    Ability to lift up to 45 lbs and work with tall ladders
    Excellent written and oral communication skills
    Familiarity with museum collections databases, especially Past Perfect

To apply: send cover letter and resume (Attn: Collections Specialist) to  No phone calls, please.

Washington, DC
Due Date: 
Friday, February 15, 2019
Posted by Mary.Fichtner on December 29, 2018 - 6:49pm