J. Max Bond Center on Design for the Just City

The J. Max Bond Center at the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of New York, believes that design can have a positive impact on urban reform in our nation’s cities. Founded in 2011, the Bond Center is dedicated to the advancement of design practice, education, research and advocacy in ways that build and sustain resilient and just communities, cities and regions.

The themes that circulate through the life and practice of Max Bond also move through our current conversations about the revitalization and sustainability of the American City. Issues of equity, inclusion, technology, activism, justice, service and access are still unresolved in many urban communities, leaving a context of urban landscapes where the work of uplifting people and place remains a large task.

The vision for the J. Max Bond Center is built with a long-term view of the impact its programs. As an extension of the mission of the City College of New York, the Center will be a resource for shaping the design of communities in New York and Harlem in particular. However, we also believe there is an opportunity to become a City College “Center on Cities” by exporting our collective knowledge and expertise to have a broader influence on urban reform across the academy, the metropolitan region, and within the national and global urban landscape.

The Center fosters collaboration and innovation by working with faculty, researchers, students, policy-makers, community leaders and practitioners representing the four disciplines of the Spitzer School - architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and sustainability - in order to apply expertise and intervention to a wide variety of contemporary problems, challenges, and opportunities facing urban America.

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