Architecture + Design Education Network (A+DEN) NETWORK MEETING (10/5)


Fall has arrived and that means planning for 2021 will be just around the corner. At this check-in meeting, hear from fellow design educators about the major activities they think will form the basis of their respective organizations’ programming in the first half of the next year. If budget restraints will force you to focus on only your program’s most core deliverables, what are they and why? Also, if your work is fueled by major funding partners, please explain what outcomes they are looking for and any adjustments (staffing or content delivery) you may need to keep meeting the expected goals. Please come prepared to share any plans you are developing (no matter how rough or evolving), as well as budgeting and program delivery questions you may wish to discuss with the group. As always, this is a great opportunity to swap stories and strategies with your peers.