Recap of AAO Exhibition Network Call, 5/6

AAO Exhibitions Network Call: Exhibition Planning During COVID-19 (5/6)
Hosted by Berit Hoff (AIANY/Center for Architecture) and Paige McWhorter (BSA Space)

Representatives from 25 organizations across the AAO community convened to discuss plans and opportunities around virutal tours.Please visit this link for this list of participants on the call.

Below is a short list of some of the resources that were shared on the call:

Warren James at Art Omi mentioned Single Handedly a relatively affordable exhibit his organization has that is ready for travel.

Richard McCoy at Exhibit Columbus mentioned his involvement in the Indy Design Week conference, a multi-day effort to bring forward design discussions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. You can view all the programming at this Youtube link. Specific links to Exhibit Columbus content will be posted to our website this week.

Kim Owens at Seattle Architecture Foundation mentioned that they were creating virtual programs that directly linked to their exhibition content. Their current exhibit is entitled Proactive Practice.  

We look forward to scheudling follow-up calls in the coming weeks.