AAO at ICAM19 in Copenhagen

ICAM19 Program
DAC program manager Tanya Lindkvist leads a tour of the new BLOX facility and the DAC exhibitions.
Day three of the conference included a lunchtime panel with AAO and ICAM representatives explaining the overarching aims of their respective membership networks.
AAO and ICAM directors pose during a meeting session.
A walking tour of Copenhagen was provided by planners from Gehl Associates. Here you see the firm’s checklist for developing safe, multi-faceted public spaces.
Danish Architecture Center CEO Kent Martinussen, a board member of both AAO and ICAM, welcomes the conference attendees (with DAC retail store in the background).
A delegation of AAO members visited the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen earlier this month to take part in a series of meetings with members of the International Confederation of Architectural Museums as part of the ICAM19. The conference theme, “Migrating Ideas,” examined several connections and mutual interests among members of our respective networks.
These photos of the gathering are from AAO Executive Director Michael Wood.
Posted by aao on September 28, 2018 - 1:31pm