Architecture and Design Foundation [India]

Architecture and Design Foundation [India], a first of its kind in India, set up with an idea of documenting and promoting the values of good design and architecture amongst common people. It has been its continuous endeavor to enhance public dialogue and participation in creating better design and architecture, thus help create a better built-environment in our country.


The Architecture and Design Foundation is a leading independent centre for arts and architecture. It organizes many programme of talks, events, debates, exhibitions, competitions, film shows, design festivals and other awareness projects. Through numerous outreach programs, grants, and educational resources, Architecture and Design Foundation aims to inspire people to become thoughtful and engaged participant in the making the built environment and the world around them in order to develop a better public understanding and involvement.


As Pulitzer prize winner Blair Kamin says “Architecture affects everyone; it affects our mental well being and quality of life in profound ways. It is the most public of all arts. It has the power to improve the lives and transform the places where we live, learn, work and play. It touches all of us every day.” Recognizing this important role of architecture in our lives, programmes of the Foundation will include initiatives that help improve the built environment through the collaboration of professionals, designers, leaders and local communities. The role of the foundation is to promote and encourage the best in contemporary art and architecture, and bringing it to a wide public. Through its projects and events the foundations works with some of the world’s most outstanding architects, designers and other influential and inspiring people.


The Architecture and Design Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote awareness towards the contribution of art, architecture and design to the quality of life. The Foundation is a small organisation with the founders being from a wide cross-section of interests and professions - design and architecture, the arts, media, education and business. In achieving its aims and objectives the Foundation closely works with other national and international organizations that share similar concerns."


To facilitate and foster the appreciation of art and architecture, both traditional and contemporary, local and global

To inspire, provoke and cultivate new ideas and provide platform for exchange of ideas

To foster a social culture of collaboration, participation and debate

To bring out the relationship between architecture and other forms of art such as music, dance, sculpture, photography and cinema.



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