Museum of Architecture

The Museum of Architecture (MoA) is a charity and pop-up platform that creates exhibitions and programming with the mission to provide resources for architects to be better entrepreneurs and create opportunities for architects to engage with other industries and the public to be better informed about the people and places for which they are designing.

MoA has been a pop-up museum for ten years.  We call ourselves a ‘museum’ as we are a flexible, agile platform whose network of partnerships and hosts for talks, events and workshops extends across London, sharing knowledge with architects, built environment professionals, architecture students and the general public. MoA supports and advocates for architects like other museums do for their respective professions. Our programming, events and exhibitions provide insightful information for both the public and architects alike.

The story of Museum of Architecture embodies the strength and vision of the young architectural community today. Museum of Architecture builds on the work of Nous Gallery, launched in 2006 by Melissa Woolford, Paul Coates and Christian Derix as a platform for up-and-coming architects to showcase innovative research and new technologies. The first exhibition was held on Gifford Street, off of York Way.  The first opening alone attracted over 200 people, signaling the future success of the Gallery.

In 2012, responding to the wider needs of the public and architectural community, Nous Gallery was re-launched as Museum of Architecture to enhance our social mission. The Museum aims to empower individuals to shape the future of their communities.

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