CIDCI's Salon Series: How to Lead When We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

May 5, 2020
5:00PM PT (8:00PM EST)

The coronavirus and economic ripple effects are unprecedented. Futurist Rex Miller looks at past precedents but also develops a range of possible scenarios to understand the range of risks and opportunities we face. This presentation will examine the current crisis through two frameworks, the Leadership Decision Triad, and the Scenario Matrix to help you navigate during turbulent and uncertain times. AAO Member Margie O'Driscoll will host this conversation.

Rex Miller - Founder, MindSHIFT
Rex Miller is a futurist by training working at the intersection of numerous complex challenges. He developed a process called MindShift, a unique platform that brings together experts and stakeholders to tackle wicked problems. These include the common nightmare of delivering capital projects, workplace disengagement, the declining education system, toxic shadow cultures, schools and workplace health, and well-being. He believes well we work together to solve these great problems determines the effectiveness of the outcome.

The Coronavirus poses a new truly wicked problem. Rex's training as a futurist allows leaders to address the immediate while he also helps them prepare for what’s next. What’s next after a crisis is a vital question.

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