Frank Lloyd Wright: Architecture of the Interior

District Architecture Center
Exhibition Dates: 
Jul. 10, 2019 to Sep. 06, 2019

The District Architecture Center is pleased to host Frank Lloyd Wright: Architecture of the Interior, an exhibition exploring the design of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses, often considered his greatest architectural accomplishment. Through reproduction drawings, photographs, and photographic murals, the exhibition illustrates the myriad—both obvious and subtle—ways Wright created the visual character of interior space and objects within it, each an essential detail of the larger whole.

Drawings and photographs of interiors show the ingenious ways Wright maximized the feeling of open space while accommodating the various functions for daily living. Wright’s rejection of past styles led him to the contemporary visual language of abstraction and geometry. For Wright, this language had a deeper source as the structure and ornament of all forms in nature. Just as a living form is one entity in structure and ornament, so the house was to be a single whole in structure and expression. The works in in this exhibition reveal how all elements in Wright’s design express the overarching abstract geometric order of the house.

On view 7/10-9/6.


421 7th Street NW
Washington,, DC 20004
United States
Posted by Gordon.Chaffin on June 27, 2019 - 2:49pm